Neighbourhood Recycling Scheme – Info, Calendars & Update

We thought it might be helpful for everyone if we post the leaflets & collection calendars for the Neighbourhood Recycling Scheme……

The ABC Waste Forum met yesterday and we discussed some of the problems that have been occurring with TDC Waste & Recycling Officers – particularly missed collections, confusion over waste day, and recycling being emptied on waste day. There will be changes happening from 1st June based on our feedback:

  • Stickers will be distributed to households that have opted in for the blue bins (ABC volunteers will be delivering these next week) Get in touch if you would like to help us in your road!
  • Collection rounds will be changed to make it easier and more effective for the crews
  • TDC will be writing a letter to ALL households in the scheme area to explain the scheme and how to opt in
  • TDC will write to households whose black waste collection day will now be weekly (not fortnightly as per old scheme) to clarify the situation

Neighbourhood Recycling Scheme Leaflet – this tells you what can go in which container


CALENDAR (recycling day is always the same, Thursday). This is the calendar for Waste on Monday, but yours may be Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

NRS Mon & Thurs

You can still opt in to the scheme!

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