Keeping It Clean Event – 24th June

Yesterday we held our ABC ‘Keeping It Clean’ event at Cliftonville Community Centre – it was a great afternoon, and big thanks to all the residents who attended and to our event partners Southern Water, TDC Waste & Recycling, Thanet Coast Project and Margate Task Force.

Some interesting presentations were given and residents had the opportunity to ask questions.

Lots of freebies were given away – including fat funnels (so you can easily decant your cooking fat into a bottle), flush savers (to reduce the amount of water used each time you flush the loo), a water butt was given away to the person who guessed closest to how many litres it holds, and information packs on water saving. There are also some important things we can all do to make sure our water & sewage system doesn’t get blocked, and the wrong type of things don’t end up on our beaches and in the sea.

1) The three P’s – PEE, POO & PAPER – these are the only things that should go down the loo

2) So-called ‘flushable’ wipes are anything but. Please NEVER put these down the loo – put them in your bin. The fabric does not break down and they can cause major problems.

More info here:

Southern Water also gave out information about their financial hardship scheme, and the options they have to get people out of arrears.

At the Thanet Coast Project stand they had lots of info and fun activities for kids, including badge making. Remember they have a ‘Seashore Safari’ coming up at Walpole Bay on Saturday 22nd August at 10am. More info here:

We also set up a game to guess how long different materials take to break down in sea water. You can try this at home by collecting sea water in 5 different containers – placing a different material in each one (vegetable, fruit, metal, glass & plastic) then putting them on the windowsill for 2 weeks to see what changes occur. More info on how long things take to break down in the environment here:

Pictures from the event……..

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