Planning Applications & The Cliftonville Development Plan

ABC gets lots of questions from residents about planning applications, and we talked a little about this at our meeting last night (2nd October 2015). The Cliftonville Development Plan (adopted in 2010) is a key document in relation to Cliftonville planning and contains planning policies that applications within the plan area should be measured against (in addition to district-wide policies). It also sets out the aims and aspirations for the area that these policies are intended to support. It is a very useful document if you are considering commenting on a planning application! We hope this post will be a useful resource for residents.

Here is the full document Cliftonville_Development_Plan_Document

This is the area covered

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 15.03.01

National and regional policies are covered on pages 7-10. The actual planning policies start at page 17. They are:

CV1: One-bedroom flats 

Proposals to provide single bedroom flatted accommodation, bed-sits and non self-contained accommodation (houses in multiple occupation) within the DPD Plan area will not be permitted. This includes provision by way of conversion of existing buildings and by way of new build.

CV2: Retention of Family Housing 

Planning permission for the subdivision of properties, currently or last lawfully used as single-family accommodation, or by a single household, will not be permitted. Single family or single household accommodation may relate to a property with twoor more bedrooms but no maximum number is specified. Policy CV2 will apply where the current or last lawful use of a property falls within Class C3 of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 (as amended):

CLASS C3: DWELLINGHOUSES Use as a dwellinghouse (whether or not as a sole or main residence) a) by a single person or by people living together as a family, or b) by not more than six residents living together as a single household (including a household where care is provided for residents).

CV3: Provision of family housing in new development OR redevelopment

In new development or redevelopment flats of any size will not be permitted unless it can be clearly demonstrated that there are overriding design or townscape reasons for allowing such development and that no acceptable design solution can be found to accommodate individual family dwellings.

*For the purpose of this policy individual family dwellings are defined as houses/bungalows (excluding flats) with their own front door, a minimum of 2 bedrooms and with their own accessible and exclusive private amenity space at the rear of the property

CV4: Provision of Tourist Accommodation

Planning permission for new tourist accommodation will be granted if all of the following criteria can be met:

  • the new use would not cause significant detriment to the amenity of neighbouring properties through noise and disturbance;
  • the new use can accommodate the necessary parking requirement, without damage to the character of the local area, and without significantly reducing the availability of on-street parking to the detriment of existing residents;
  • front gardens will be retained, including soft landscaping to protect and enhance the street scene;
  • in considering applications for planning permission the council will consider the need to impose conditions or seek planning obligations to ensure that the property is available for short term use as tourist accommodation and is not used as a full time residence (other than by the owners, family and staff);
  • the proposal does not result in a loss of family homes (as defined under policy CV2);
  • the proposal is well designed and will provide a high standard of tourist accommodation;
  • there is no negative impact on biodiversity arising from the development and, where necessary, biodiversity enhancements are integral to the proposal
  • the proposal incorporates, where necessary, full and detailed mitigation measures to avoid and reduce disturbance to interest features of the internationally designated sites.

One thought on “Planning Applications & The Cliftonville Development Plan

  1. Thanks for this information, it’s very informative and most helpful. Now when I comment on planning applications I will have a much better understanding of the criteria used by the local authority. Keep up the good work!

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