Dalby Square Phone box

Hi there – you will notice that Dalby Square now has (to be refurbished) a beautiful old K2 phone box which we secured through funding as part of a waste initiative to support the Dalby THI project. When complete the box will house litter picking kit – gardening tools and gloves for the community to use. We hope this will encourage kids and groups and residents living close by to get involved in helping keep Dalby Square looking great. The box will be locked but can be opened up you just need to let us know – we are aiming For this to happen by the school summer holidays. If anyone can offer help to get the box finished (maybe budding decorators out there!!) we would be very grateful – it’s been primed but needs to be filled, sanded painted and finished – thanks to all who helped us get it here. It’s going to look beautiful X ‘Clean Up and Green Up’
Thanks to Cliftonville Glass for helping us getting its new panes in, John Reeve for moving the box, Lizzie & Rag and Bone Man for all your advice, TDC waste and Grounds Team and Dalby THI for the funding. For Jenny Cranstone and the Dalby Sq Project for their work on the gardens And to everyone who’s going to use her contents… We’ll have an open day (one in one out!!!)


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