Fire Safety Bedsits and flats – Kent Fire and Rescue Service

Fires in bedsits and flats are common – if you live somewhere like this be careful.

In some flats or bedsits there are self-closing doors, a fire alarm system with smoke/heat detectors or emergency lighting.

These have been fitted to protect you in case of a fire. If they are not working for any reason – report the fact to your landlord or maintenance contractor.

If you live in sheltered accommodation or a residential home, ask your landlord or warden to explain the safety plans for the premises and make sure you know your safest exit route, or ask your carer to contact our Vulnerable People team.

If you don’t already have fire precautions like this you should:

If the staircase is blocked by the fire:

  • Return to your flat/bedsit, close the door and make your way to the nearest window, try not to panic
  • If you have safe access to a telephone, dial 999 for the fire service
  • Shout for help as loudly as you can
  • Wait to be rescued by the fire service.


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